Advertising on Radio Mercury Remembered is easy and costs much less than you might think. 

There are a three main ways to advertise with Radio Mercury Remembered and here's how -

1)   Take an advertising spot in one of our main ad breaks.  There spots are national specific, allowing you to target French listeners in France, German listeners in Germany. Italians in Italy and so on.

We only have two of these main ad breaks per hour of normal broadcasting and these main ad breaks only last a maximum of 2 minutes each, so your commercial will never get lost in an avalanche of ad's unlike many other internet radio stations. 

2)  You can choose to take a programme spot where your advertisement will be played all on its own sometime once during each hour and across the network.

3)  Sponsorship - this is a great way of getting heard all over the world at least twice an hour of normal programming.  You cold sponsor a feature like 'Top Telly Songs' or 'World Weekend Weather' or 'The Love Express' and there are other opportunities as well. Or you could sponsor the whole station for a day, week, month or even a year!

4)   Want to see your ad on screen -  that's easy,  advertise here plain and simple and starts from just a single £1.

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